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The C/N Group’s suite of services accommodates a comprehensive, turnkey approach to the healthcare marketplace. Currently, all back office functions are housed within a separate office space in West Seneca, NY. This Shared Service Organization is designed to accommodate all development and management requirements for businesses that are owned and/or managed by the C/N Group.

The C/N Group’s integrated approach to the development and ongoing management of healthcare entities allows the company to create successful ventures with each of its partners.


The C/N Group has extensive experience in providing management services to healthcare entities. In collaboration with physicians, clinical staff, and administrative personnel, the C/N Group works diligently to optimize patient care, organizational performance, and financial results.

Services in this area of healthcare business management include:

Human Resources Management
Oversee all HR functions including salary/benefit administration and performance measurement.

Financial Management
Oversee all Financial functions including accounting and reporting, treasury/cash management, budgeting & analysis, materials management, and payables administration.

Investor Relations
Coordinate Investor Relations activities including regular Investor meetings and periodic clinical, operational and financial reporting.

Information Technology Management
Coordinate the utilization of hardware, software and related technologies.

Billing & Collection
Oversee all billing and collection efforts.

Business Development
Support ongoing marketing and revenue generation activities.

Regulatory Compliance & Accreditation
Maintain regulatory compliance and oversee accreditation efforts as applicable.

Payer Relationship Management
Negotiate and maintain contractual arrangements with payers.


The C/N Group’s Project Development services emphasize the creation of environments which optimize clinical, operational, and financial performance. The C/N Group takes a comprehensive project management approach, considering all stakeholders and participants as critical partners in the development process. By providing a cohesive mix of strategic and tactical perspectives during the development phase, the C/N Group focuses on positioning the entity for long-term success.

Development phase services include:

Market Evaluation & Project Strategy
Work with principals to define project scope (facility scope, user requirements, etc.) in accordance with market and patient care needs

Economic Feasibility Analysis
Develop economic model and financial pro formas to reflect anticipated project investment, capital structure, revenues, and operating costs.

Ownership & Governance Development
Define appropriate ownership and governance structure and facilitate equity partnership opportunities, including member syndication.

Project Debt Financing
Identify lender(s) and coordinate debt financing for physical plant, equipment, working capital, etc.

Architectural/Construction Planning
Coordinate activities of architect to develop plans in accordance with project budget and scope.

Construction Management
Coordinate activities of contractors to ensure timely and cost-effective facility build-out.

Equipment Selection and Purchasing
Work with applicable stakeholders to select and purchase equipment to meet defined needs.

Regulatory & Legal Coordination
Facilitate required approvals from regulatory agencies as applicable.

Organizational and Human Resource Development
Define organizational needs and hire, train and integrate management, clinical, and support personnel.